Introducing four sauces that pair perfectly with our pastas!

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Ligth Tomato Sauce

Marinara Sauce

Created from a traditional recipe that has been handed down from generations. Pasta Mia Marinara sauce is made with imported tomatoes, fresh garlic, red chili peppers and imported extra virgin olive oil.

Bolognese Sauce

 Authentic Bolognese Sauce

Our Bolognese sauce is made with premium beef and pork, slowly braised with imported prosciutto, a mirepoix of vegetables, red wine and imported whole peeled tomatoes. A true classic!

Porcini Mushroom sauce

Wild Mushroom Sauce

Made with a medley of exotic sautéed mushrooms like Shitake, Oyster, Nameko and Champignon mushrooms, a pinch of Italian parsley blended into a Grana Padano cream sauce.

Rock Shrimp and Arugula Sauce

Lobster Sherry Cream Sauce

Our Lobster Sherry sauce is made with caramelized shallots and fennel with a splash of sherry wine, carefully folded into a lobster bisque.


Alfredo Grana Padano Sauce

Made with sautéed finely diced onions and roasted garlic simmered with cream, milk, and a touch of nutmeg, tossed with freshly grated imported Grana Padano cheese and shredded Asiago cheese.

For food safety and quality, follow these cooking instructions. Because equipment varies, these instructions are guidelines.

Boiling Water: Frozen 0°F: 25-30 minutes. Thawed 30°-32°F: 20-25 minutes. Place pouch in boiling water; rotate several times during heating. Carefully remove using tongs.

Low Pressure Steamer: Frozen 0°F: 30-35 minutes. Thawed 30°-32°F: 20-25 minutes. Place pouch on perforated steamtable pan. Carefully remove using tongs.

Microwave Oven: 1000 Watt: One package full power: 12-14 minutes. 8 oz. 1½-2 minutes. 700 Watts: 8oz. 2-2½ minutes. Pour into microwaveable container, cover loosely. Stir during heating. Hold pouch with insulated rubber gloves. Cut off one corner of pouch; pour into steam table pan.

Internal temperature of product should be 160°F. Product may be thawed up to 48 hours under refrigeration (40°F) prior to heating. Do not refreeze.

Each sauce is packaged in a 5 pound boil safe bag to preserve their exceptional aroma, taste and texture and make preparation simple.