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Premium Quality

Pasta Mia

Quality Ingredients from Throughout the World

When you bite into a Pasta Mia ravioli, it's an experience of our never-ending and passionate quest for quality.

For 100% fresh, natural ingredients, we search out and buy directly from trusted local producers. If the best cheese for the recipe is available only from Italy, we will import it rather than use a lower-quality substitute. We personally test every ingredient received to ensure that it meets our standards for flavor, freshness and overall quality.

From the fillings in our filled pastas to the superior flavor and texture of our cut pastas, Pasta Mia products will surpass all your expectations.

Quality You Can See

You only need to cut open one of our ravioli to see the result of our commitment to quality. We carefully prepare our unique chunky fillings and thin dough to allow the individual ingredients to be savored---the diner can see and taste pieces of lobster or other mouthwatering fillings. We use special pasta-making machinery to recreate the artisanal look and feel of handmade pastas, and bronze dies for a pasta surface that holds more sauce for superior flavor.

Fresh Frozen with NO Preservatives

We carefully prepare Pasta Mia pastas in our kitchens for maximum flavor and then fresh-freeze them to lock in the fresh taste with no preservatives. Easy to store and ready to prepare, Pasta Mia products are guaranteed to taste fresh and full of flavor---a memorable experience of authentic Italian cuisine.

Cooking: So Easy for Flavor So Good

Fresh-frozen Pasta Mia products are simple to prepare using standard kitchen processes.

Our fillings are bursting with flavor and texture. You don't need to cover our filled pastas with more sauce. Use a simple sauce, and less of it, to let the product flavor come through. Pasta Mia lets you provide the authentic Italian flavors that diners are looking for.